R4i Gold 3DS Can Support The Newest 3DS V7.1.0-16 Directly

3DS firmware has been updated to the newest version V7.1.0-16. R4i Gold 3DS is confirmed can support directly the newest 3DS V7.1.0-16 without any patch updating. From the official website of r4i gold 3ds, reported on Fed.28, 2014.

What Are The Newest Gateway 3DS Flashcard Q&A

  Q:Does gateway linker 3ds break 3ds completely currently? A:Strictly speaking, it is not completely break the 3DS, but get into the game by GW mode 3DS through DS mode loopholes. Q:Can gateway 3ds run games from other regions? A:Yes...
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How To Solve Gateway 3DS Flashcard Blue Screen Bootrom Error Issue

  Some users reported gateway 3ds blue screen bootrom error, and the official says it is clones blue screen, and also released the updated news in its official website on 2014-01-13. This is the oringal message ============================================== Clones Blue Screen...
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TOP 5 3DS Game Card Reviews

3DS game card is the flashcard can play 3ds roms on 3DS console. However, it is known that 3DS console is difficult to break, most old flash carts teams can’t break them. Recently, several new team have done it. So,...
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How to Fix iMessage Not Working on iOS 7 for iPhone or iPad

For a lot of users – including us here at iGB – iMessage often goes berserk and doesn’t work at all. With a limited text plan, that’s kind of really frustrating. iMessage alternatives like WhatsApp are great but some of...
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How to Block Unwanted Calls on iOS and Android

Telemarketers, bill collectors or a crazy ex harassing you: what do these have in common? We are not keen on receiving calls from any of them, anytime. If you’re an Android or iOS user there are a few simple ways...
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What Is The Best Apple Iphone 5 TPU Material Cases/Covers

Apple iPhone 5 cases can protect against drops, dust and scratches. Multiple colors and designs available for each case in the market now. Protect your iPhone with well engineered, light weight, durable protection technology is every iphone case user’s wish....
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